Argo Navis™ 2.6m External DC Power Cable

  • For powering Argo Navis™ from an external DC 8V to 16V battery source.
  • Car cigar plug with safety fuse overload protection to Argo Navis™ DC power plug. 2.6m in length. *
  • Red LED 'power-on' indicator.
  • Also includes cigar receptacle to two bull-dog clips for connection to battery terminals. 1m in length **
  • Saves on the expense of using alkaline AA batteries.
  • Provides additional LCD heating in cold temperature environments.
  • High quality. Fully tested.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
* Custom lengths and connector convertors available upon request.
** RCA plug termination for connection to third-party power distribution panels instead of bull-dog clips available upon request.
Argo Navis™ External DC Power Cable Argo Navis™ External DC Power Cable