Wildcard Innovations has closely collaborated with StellarCAT, Piedmont, South Carolina, developers of the ServoCAT™ Track/GOTO computerized servo controller system for telescopes.

Both companies worked closely together to ensure that an Argo Navis™ coupled with a ServoCAT™ make the best-of-breed Track/GOTO system available on the market.

For example, Wildcard co-developed the ServoCAT communications protocol which includes a feature called AutoTrack™. AutoTrack™ supports the ability to track solar system objects at their inherenet tracking rates and supports realtime tracking of artifical satellites such as the ISS. The creation and testing of AutoTrack™ took well over a year and lays testimony to how closely the two systems work hand-in-hand.

The owners of StellarCAT announced their retirement in January 2022. Concurrently Wildcard Innovations announced that it plans to release a next generation servo controller. Watch this web site for further announcements.

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